Silk and Trust Brand Condoms

Marie Stopes Mongolia has 2 brands of condoms available in our centres, in pharmcies and in our centres

"Silk" brand condoms- Ultra thin lime, Ultra thin watermelon, Ultra thin orange and Ultra thin plain

"Trust" brand condoms- this brand has different options available which are Trust Scented, Trust Mungulug, Trust Coloured, Trust Dotted, Trust Neon, Trust Plain and Trust Plus Advantages of using condoms

Condoms are 98% effective Only condom can protect against Pregnancy and sexual transmittied infections. It can be used with other contraception methods for greater protection.

Marie Stopes Mongolia has a range of condoms available and can provide you with all the information you need.

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We deliver our products countrywide. You can place your orders via phone on:

Tel: (976) 77118710 at UB office

Tel: (976) 80053230 at Erdenet 

Tel : (976) 80056260 at Darkhan 

Orders will be delivered within a day or next day depending on the time orders given