Working to provide high quality family planning services at all times

Ensuring quality services provision

Marie Stopes Mongolia's clinic is a service favility that was founded in partnership with the Government of Mongolia, UNFPA Mongolia within the Project framework

As a result we established three branches of the Reproductive Clinic in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan and Erdenet. We have also implemented the Contraceptive Social Marketing Program which aims to provide evenly the Mongolian population with affordable, accessible and modern contraception, and the first product of the Program was a condom called ‘TRUST’.

Get to know MSICC

Each year we provide comprehensive and quality family planning and reproductive health services to more than 10,000 people. How do we do this?
• We import modern and long and short-term contraception and disseminate them through our contracted distributors and partnering companies supplying pharmaceuticals and the pharmacies. Through this we supply more than 50% of the domestic market
• We prevent women from unsafe abortion and provide the opportunities to choose freely the contraception method based on their own decisions, the Family Planning Guide (used by both clients and service providers), medical abortion, and post-abortion care guidelines have been translated and published for use in medical services.

Our partnerships

We partner with public and private hospitals on the following initiatives:

CSM-Contraceptive Social Marketing Program
Within the framework of the National Reproductive Health Program, Marie Stopes International NGO with the support of the Ministry of Health and the UNPF has been distributing male and female condoms to the population through the Contraceptive Social Marketing Program since 2000.

ООС- a distribution channel involving hospitals and other clinics
This was started in 2009 in order to supply the public and private hospitals with related contraceptives

MSI-Mongolia clinic continuing its services amid coronavirus pandemic

Since the global pandemic covid-19 outbreak threatened locally in Mongolia, regardless of taking actions of mass quarantine to strict lockdown several times in between, Marie Stopes Mongolia has been able to continue its clinical services to support access to reproductive health supplies and services for clients.

MSI Mongolia clinic has adjusted its operations and now provides booked appointements through our contact centre and social media platforms. Our advice-giving services also continued through facebook messenger chat and our ohone linesOur team also adjusted its staff roaster such as those who lived within walking distance from the clinic were appointed to work during the strict lockdown days which allowed us to continue operations as per usual.